First picture as an engaged couple

This picture was taken on February 25th, 2006. I never counted on it raining when I planned to propose to Kyllan in the sculpture garden.

This is the first Kyllan and I took as an engaged couple. Do you ever wonder what moments you are capturing when complete strangers when they ask you to take a picture?

Ask Kyllan to tell the story of the proposal. It sounds much more romantic when she tells it.


Welcome to “The Cody Report.” I really have no idea what you are going to find here on this site in the future. I just figured that this is an exciting time for me, William Cody, and Kyllan, my fiancee, and wanted to share our news with friends and family as it happens. Kyllan and I are currently planning our wedding, Kyllan is building a house, and the thought of one day graduating is now a twinkle in my eye. These topics will likely dominate my post over the next few months. I might also post a few links to articles and websites I find interesting. I am still learning how to use the program I am creating this page. I will have more content on the site by the end of the week.