We’re still here….

The Cody family has been staying busy as usual, so we apologize we have not been keeping up with the blog.  We have slowed down a little on Elliottblog too.  William has been begging me to post, but honestly, at the end of the day after a full day of work and kids, I am burnt out and just want to relax.

So on to the update…

The most important and exciting thing is that everyone is doing great!  We had a busy few months with William’s birthday in April, my birthday, Elliott’s 3rd birthday, Laurel’s pre-K graduation and first ballet recital in May.  That is on top of our busy work schedules, Elliott’s chemo treatments, and all our other activities.  Elliott is still responding well to treatment and kicking Leukemia’s butt and Laurel is full of energy and joy as usual.  William has been losing weight and getting fit and trim and I am almost a year out from brain surgery, seizure free, and on the road to no seizure medication.  Good news all around the Cody house.

Instead of making this a long post, I figured I would just post photos.  Additional photos can be found on William’s Flickr page.

Fossil Rim

We visited Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glenrose, TX during Elliott’s birthday weekend.  Such a cool place.  The animals come right up to your car and you can feed the animals from your car window.  The kids really enjoyed it.

Fossil Rim

Elliott chose some cool binoculars at Fossil Rim to get a close-up of the animals.

Fossil Rim

Laurel initially didn’t even want her window down, but she eventually enjoyed feeding the animals and getting a close-up look.

Elliott's Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Elliott!  He loves cake and cupcakes.

Dress Rehersal

Rehearsal for ballet recital

Dress Rehersal

Perfecting the moves in rehearsal.

Ballet Recital

The dancer with her gifts after the recital

Laurel's Pre-K Graduation

Pre-K Graduate!

Laurel's Pre-K Graduation

Proud family!




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