I assume that you are here because you already know William and Kyllan. What is it you would like to learn about us? (Please, tell me. I would love to put that info here.)

Kyllan and I plan to use this site to update friends and family on what we are up to. We are so busy in our day to day lives that we really don’t have time to tell everyone about all the things that we would like to share. The Cody Reort features post about our daily lives, pictures and the rare video. Kyllan and I are pretty consistant with updating the site. Between the two of us, we tend to post at least twice a week. Please, feel free to leave comments on our post; Your e-mail address will not be posted publicly. (We like comments and they are welcomed from everyone, not just family members.)

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  1. You two are just so darn cute! I loved visiting your blogsite, which I got off of Kyllan’s Facebook page. 😉

    We are so glad that you have joined the Hill Lifegroup! Looking forward to getting to know you two better!


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