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  1. Enjoy the photos and I really love this website. New home is looking good.
    Larry and I have already talked about testing the golf courses for you. We do not want
    you to move into an area with golf courses that are below par.

  2. Didn’t know where else to post this — wanted to suggest some books for your library.
    Maybe to keep in mind for the young’ins in your life! We’ve gotten some for Sarah!

    Enjoy Your Cells
    Have a Nice DNA
    Gene Machines
    Germ Zappers

    all by Fran Balkwill

  3. Wow. This is quite comprehensive! The house looks awesome Kyllan! Hope all is well in Dallas, and I’ll get to see you before William moves away. Have a good one, and I’ll talk to you later William.

  4. Hey you 2, the website is great! I feel like I am still in the lab gettin constant updates πŸ™‚ Anyways, the house looks great, I know it must’ve been exciting to move in. Just wanted to make a comment to show that I stopped by! And Cody you are gonna have to tell me how to make one of these, and how to do the video thing! It’s all professional and stuff. Okay, I’m rambling, TTYL

  5. Thanks for stopping by Cherie! Glad you enjoyed the site. Hope you are doing well.
    Be careful with setting up the blog…. William will expect you do put one together immediately if he tells you how to do it. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Billy (I mean William)& Kyllan! I just got my computer back from the shop and had a chance to check out “The Cody Report” Very cool–I look forward to visiting back soon. Love, your cousin, Robyn

  7. Wow! I had so much fun reading your blog/website (or whatever you call it). was only going to browse for a few minutes, but I’ve spent my entire lunch hour here, and I have been smiling the entire time! I am so happy for you both and proud of you. Looking forward to the wedding. Love Ya!

  8. Hey William, I know you said you won’t do facebook, but you should check out and JOIN the XU Alumni Network: http://www.xugold.ning.com. There are alumni from as far back as early 80’s that I’ve seen on there, and of course plenty of people from your class. Make sure you tell me if you join, so I can find you.

  9. I like the new heading picture from your “event” on Friday, which I witnessed and was exciting to say the least! (I had to post here since comments were turned off.)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on the baby!!!!!! We are so excited for you both! This is truly the greatest experience in life; more fun than anyone can tell you. Enjoy every minute and take lots of pictures (our 1st year flew by)!!! As new parents, our biggest piece of advice is to cut yourself some slack. No matter what anyone else says, do what works for YOU and YOUR BABY! Everything else will work out fine! God bless all of you!

  11. Hi,

    I tried leaving message but wouldn’t go thru somehow, I wanted to say that some of your posts and pictures were nice, just wondering Kyllan , which of the places you have been did you enjoy the most so far and what other places would you like to visit or travel too , lol?
    Take it easy.

  12. Love the Easter photos. It was good to see photos of William’s parents, for it’s been a while since I been on the Cody Report and seen them in person. What a good looking family I have. God Bless and thanks for such a great site.

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